Before you call our kennel to buy a Husky puppy, please think and read:

We are not breeders whose sole purpose is to mass produce puppies with popular eye color and coat. TIBONI limit the amount breedings, where the dam and sire are carefully selected taking into account all aspects of the dog such form and health. We have a "waiting list".

TIBONI-is well suited in choosing the future owners of our puppies. We care where and in what conditions our breeding puppies will be in, we as a kennel expect to get the most information about you and puppies new home. We hope that future owners will be well acquainted with this wonderful breed !

You must understand and realize that;

1. The Siberian Husky is a companion dog that requires a lot of time. The dog should be a given good excercise, and should be given a lot of time and effort.
2. Siberian Husky - is Northern sled dog that are not for protection, no guards, no hunting and very friendly to all people.
3. We do not breed the dogs coat color and eye color.
4. We do not sell dogs as a gift to anyone of your friends, colleagues and relatives.
5. We do not give advice on the price of husky puppies in other nurseries.
6. The dog is not fun for a child or a loved one, a dog is not a toy, and is a great responsibility

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